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1. Make male muscle art.
(I can't believe I have to define what "male" means but "male" means your men LOOK like men - rugged, handsome, sometimes hairy, but clearly male. No female looking men allowed here)
2. Have it available for us to review it in your gallery.
3. Request to join. - After we review your art and it meets our standards (just look in our galleries to see what meets our standards) we'll approve your request.
4. Submit your own artwork to the galleries.

Otherwise just watch us instead. Thanks!

RULES (updated January 12, 2016)

The Following items are what we DO NOT ACCEPT in this group. If you habitually submit these things we will kick you out. Entitlement and ignorance are not reasons for you to think you can bi-pass these rules.


If we can see your character's penis then we won't show your "art" in our galleries. Keep your pants on.

*MATURE IMAGE MUST : be wearing some kind of shorts, pants, gym shorts, poser, loin clothe, briefs, boxers.

No erections. No semen. No gay sex. No masturbation. No rubbing, grabbing, slamming or penetrating.

Violence is completely fine. As long as your character/s are clothed and aren't engaging in the above described activities.

*Demon or Demonic images of any kind
Monsters are fine as long as they are not demonic or representation of the devil.

*Fatties, lardos, heavies images

*Ladies Muscles However, Ladies can appear in your art as long as a male muscle hunk is visibly the main character. The male muscle figure must be prominent.

*Artwork or Photography that is NOT YOUR OWN
No Commissioned Images. It concerns me some people think this is Tumblr and DA does nothing about it. If it's not your own it has no business being in this group. Instead ask the artist to submit your commissioned image for you.

*Hatred toward ANY Religion, Race, Gender, Orientation.

*Social or Political Agendas You will NOT use our group for your promotion of anything other than muscular men, human or anthro.


Here's what we DO ACCEPT:

*MUSCULAR MEN - HUMAN OR ANTHRO That fit with the theme or style of all our galleries. Don't know what that is? Check out the galleries and see if your art would work in those galleries.


If you cannot comply with our rules then this is not the group for you. We do not tolerate artists who believe they are above the rules. If we find you need to challenge our rules on a regular basis we will remove you and your artwork from the group and ban you permanently. Our hope is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone here at Big-Muscles Group.

*Note: We reserve the right to remove any artwork at any time without provocation that violates our rules and the TOS of Deviant Art. We will without hesitation report offenders to the Help Desk.

Kicked out and/or permanent ban:

If we kick you out you probably violated our terms. There is no need to discuss it further. Additionally, if you've been removed go ahead and stay gone. We'll remove your artwork for you and never ask for it again. Ever.

Permanent Bans occur because:

1. You have made it clear you want nothing to do with this group, the administration or members/genres of the group. You made your proverbial bed now lay in it.

2. You join the group. You submit a lot of art. You quit the group. Then you join the group. And so forth and so forth. Stay out.

3. You have no regard for our rules. You are told over and over again to follow them but you argue over them. Whatever.

4. You trolled and harassed a member.

5. You spammed the group with either viruses linked off site or some other attempt to lure members into dangerous situations. We don't support pedophile behavior nor do we support fake accounts, and hackers.



Big-Muscles Group is for artists, and watchers that share the same adoration for all Anthro or Human Male drawn, photographed or 3d, painted or sketched that depicts a strong muscular body. We appreciate the realm of the male model to the power-lifter to the bodybuilder to the ultimate powerful body.



If your group discriminates from any medium, genre or style of this group we are not interested in you no matter how entitled you believe in your group.
I have tried to be patient. I really have.

I hate to do this because I know a lot of people use that mature tagging as a means to protect themselves but seriously most people don't even need to use the tag for their artwork.

I even stupidly created a folder entitled "Mature Tagged" to keep it all in one gallery mainly for me because I don't want to see your mature tagged stuff. Seriously, I don't.

This group is called Big-Muscles NOT Big-Fucking-Hardon-Erection-Gay-Sex-Pornography-filth-garbage Muscles.

I  don't care. And you pushed me over the edge.

From here forward until further notice ALL ARTWORK  that REQUIRES a MATURE TAG IS BANNED. If your artwork doesn't need a mature tag and you put it on anyways, fully clothed, normal artwork without boners, semen spewing, sweaty grossness then YES I'll allow it. But if I can see your ass, your dick, your otherwise unrelated to this group junk then not only will I prevent it from being submitted I'll remove YOU as well.

I'm sick of this bullshit in my group. If you don't like it- PLEASE LEAVE. We didn't get to where we are because garbage got us here - we got where we are because of high quality, faithful to respect our rules, amazing big-muscle artistry did.

If you won't respect our rules don't expect us to show you any respect in return.

(note: the February Interview will be postponed)
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Our focus is on the healthy male muscular form both human and anthropomorphic. We expect our artist / members to submit their outstanding artwork or photography while we do our very best to share it with the community. It is because of these contributions we feel our membership is the reason for our group's success. Watchers are especially welcome!
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