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Rules and How We Do Things around Here

UPDATE: January 7, 2015

How to Join:
Hit the Join button. If we find muscle art in your gallery that you made yourself and it's good then in ya go. If not, just watch us instead - it's the same as joining without all the drama.


Big-Muscles is a group for artists who draw, photograph, and might even have themselves - a muscular body. We appreciate the realm of the male model to the power-lifter to the bodybuilder.

Here's what we do not accept:
*PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGES Really? Are you that stupid?
*Ladies Muscles
*Fatties, lardos, heavies images


This group is for those who love, admire, or share the same adoration for anyone, Anthro or Human Male drawn, photographed or 3d, painted, created that depicts a healthy normal muscular body.


EDIT 2/27/15:
If you're going to be an butthurt and attempt to not only ridicule but instruct me what to do then you're done here. I'll remove your art, kick you to the curb and tell my art seekers to ignore you. If you can't play nice don't expect me to, either. And if you quit, even better.


Back when this group was founded it accepted all kinds, styles, and levels of ability artwork. It flourished. It addressed all the mediums and genres. It got out of hand. People submitted everything from to . Can you tell the difference?

All people need to start somewhere. You're right. Two year old's do not start off as Michelangelo. They don't. But then again we're not looking for two year old's artwork either and we certainly have art worthy of the name Michelangelo. We just want the best people can offer. So if you submit 20 images and only 4 make it in it's because we felt those 4 were your very best. People shouldn't get mad because we won't allow anyone to dump their entire gallery into our group. We have plenty of room but we want the square footage to be filled with compelling, intriguing, fascinating, awesome art. We don't currently have a gallery for leftovers, day old, rain soaked, rusty, last season art. It's not here. And perhaps there are alternative groups to submit to that aren't as heartless, cruel, insensitive, judgmental, mean or any other adjective that describes our intention.

And luckily for you - I'm explaining my intention if you haven't figured it out by now. WE WANT YOUR BEST. And if your best doesn't make the cut there's nothing I can do about it - there's nothing I will do about it. I recently read that this allegedly is a popular group. That's news to me. If anything it's been unpopular because of the people who refuse to participate. Thank God for :iconcaseyljones: :iconzephleit:  :icondiamoneyes: and all the wonderful artists who submit their own works to make this group progress. They make the group popular. Trust me. I have a great support who will fill up the galleries if no one else will and that's a load off my mind.

Look, we're all busy in life and NO ONE is getting paid to do this - running, structuring and providing a group for your entertainment. It's rather annoying when people bitterly complain about the way things go and if you're one of those artists, there's the door, it's waiting for you to go through. I recently experienced an irate artist who felt i was being too sarcastic. Who me? But his anger and entitlement is what resulted in his exit, a permanent ban and the removal of all his artwork. It's not worth my time or energy I can't get back to babysit artists' whose egos don't fit in our galleries. I'm not upset if people leave because there's a line at the door waiting to get in.

Bottom line. If you make good artwork and it meets the criteria of the group then we'll find a place of honor for you in the galleries. If, I the founder, or any of my contributors doesn't feel it fits with our group then no thanks. You can ask us why but if you haven't read this journal entry or actually looked at the galleries the blame lies with you. I'm not going to apologize for wanting the best the artists in this group have to offer.

So without further ado I will explain what this group wants:

Happy Birthday Pokkuti by Kensoudojo Conan by vanchoran snake metal gear by TIAGO-FERNANDES Template-Male by KingVego Checking Progress by fangmoon109 BB gets his autograph by Blathering Wuffle Shuffle by PitiYindee Eyes Up Here Maggot! by SniperStalker Cold River by lundqvist

That's a diverse group of images. And all were either asked to be in this group or they submitted on their own. There's got to be depth to what you create - obvious passion - a desire to invent something and if we find that in your art then we explode with happy muscle joy. It's not about quantity it's about quality.

*Only kickass sketches allowed
*Contributing to the success of others like stock or anatomy references allowed
*Anthro - as long as it's well thought, conceived and executed
*Photographs of muscular models only and no tumblr photos
*Photomanipulations that show artistic ability. NO MUSCLE MORPHS
*Illustrations that fit the theme, male focused and are your very best
*All Thematic galleries follow the same expectations and restrictions as the Illustrated Gallery (i.e. Heroic, SuperHero, etc.)
*3D - no game screenprints and no repetitive images of the same character duplicated across a dozen or more images
*Animations - please look at the gallery FIRST and then ask yourself - did I really make an animation?

And just so that EVERYONE knows - if you make images of giant penises bouncing or being hidden by a black box because it violates DA's TOS and you think that mature tag is going to allow inclusion in our galleries, think again. No way. This is a group about BIG MUSCLES not muscle men with big dicks. If you need to post that somewhere I suggest go to Tumblr now. We're not interested.

There you have it. For those who have been a huge support, respect our rules and contribute to our success, we thank you, we love you and we can't wait for more art from you.


(Note: the next interview will arrive in a week from today)
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Group Info

Our focus is on the healthy muscular form. We expect our artists to submit their very best artwork or photography and do our very best to share it with the community. We require our Members to be active artists. Watchers are especially welcome!

If you submit Anthro/Furry Art you will be automatically loved forever!
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Mar 27, 2011


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