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1. Name (Initials will work to keep your identity safe) : JRR

2. Occupation (outside of DA) : I'm a Graphic Artist.

3. Location: I live in the Philippines.

4. Years making muscle art: I've been drawing muscle-related art since I was a little kid, around 3 years old I guess.

5. Schooling - formal - for art, if any: I finished B.S. Computer Science, and graduated with flying colors as a Cum Laude. I never had any formal training in art. My art skills we're all from self-study and experience, I guess. I'm planning on taking up short art courses. Having formal training has its advantages over self-study.

6. Your professional artist inspiration (mine is Boris Vallejo) : I finished B.S. Computer Science, and graduated with flying colors as a Cum Laude. I never had any formal training in art. My art skills we're all from self-study and experience, I guess. I'm planning on taking up short art courses. Having formal training has its advantages over self-study.

7. What are your tools of the trade (wacom, Photoshop, number 5 pencil, etc.) : My primary tools is a Wacom Tablet, which is an old model that is now obsolete, but hey, why buy a new one if it still works? For software, my primary tools are PaintTool SAI and Photoshop. I use SAI for sketches, linearts, coloring and shading... the rest is done with Photoshop. When I draw on paper, any pencil is fine but mostly a no.2 pencil.

8. What motivates you to make muscle artwork? The thought of being able to show and share your artwork to the world, and to know that there are people out there who appreciate and have the same interests as I do is what motivates me. When I was young, I thought that I was the only one who is into this stuff. But thanks to the Internet, I found a forum that cater to my muscle-related interests and found a sense of belongingness. And of course, my fans who support me all the way.

9. Is it a time consuming process? Creating artworks can be time-consuming, depending on the complexity of the subject your drawing. Details can be a pain.

10. What distracts you? I am easily distracted by noise. And a sight of any muscular man. Biceps are my greatest weakness, so that makes it my greatest distraction.

11. You have a lot of hyper muscle artwork (which I personally love to an insane level) – how did you get interested and what inspired you to create it? When I was 3, I like to draw stick figures with huge lumps on their arms. I dunno why, I just knew I like it that way. As I grew older, I found myself giving these stick figures bigger lumps and drawing more lumps on top of the other.

12. What is difficult for you the draw? Any complex stuff that has too much detail such as dragons, mechas, backgrounds... I think I can do it, but I lack the patience.

13. Why Muscle? Why not landscapes, still life or fat people? Because. No, seriously... in one of my nursery school books, there was an illustration of a muscular man's torso. I just couldn't take my eyes off of it, even when the teacher was discussing. I guess at a very young age of 3, I am already into muscle.

14. How is that comic coming along – will we see more of them? If not, why? Sadly, I no longer have any motivation to continue Zephleit-ly or Z-LY. I just couldn't bring myself up into drawing it. As for GBM, this series will continue. I just lack the motivation to continue it due to busy schedules with real-life and commissions taking most of my time when I'm free.

15. What do you think the future holds for you - artistically, professionally, muscly? Artistically and professionally, I'm already happy with where I am now. I'm glad that people take notice of my art and I get commissioned to do stuff. I am also glad and grateful and somewhat well-known with the muscle community. If bigger opportunities come, I'll gladly take it. Muscly... I'm still working on it. I've lost a lot of pounds, but I don't think I'll look like my OC ZL in 2 more years.

And thank you for taking the time to share with all of us about you and your fantastic muscle art.

~ Grey
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Rules and How We Do Things around Here

UPDATE: July 16, 2014

We turned off membership because we received a bunch of people joining who refuse to participate. We also seem to have a lot of people join who don't make muscle art; can't submit their artwork to the correct galleries or just ignore our rules.

If you want to join you must:
1. Send me :icongreysonfurrington: a note asking me to join.

2. Make muscle artwork. I won't even bother to respond if you are not an artist and make muscle artwork. Trust me I will check.

3. Be a pretty good artist - that means you have a lot of friends who watch you. You're artwork is clean and finished. If you don't know what I'm talking about go check out the Amazing Artworks Gallery. If your art could be submitted there then I'll let you in.

OTHERWISE, just watch us - it's the same thing as Joining without the hassle of rejecting your stuff that doesn't belong here.

Yeah, I have a stick up my ass about this - it's called I want the BEST muscle artwork not "scribbles on a napkin" junk.


Big-Muscles is a group for artists who draw, photograph, and might even have themselves - a muscular body. We appreciate the realm of the male model to the power-lifter to the bodybuilder.

Here's what we do not accept:
*PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGES Really? Are you that stupid?
*Anthro artwork.
*Ladies Muscles
*Photomanipulations need to look like this piece of art - X-Man Iceman by LexxLife . All others can be submitted at :iconbig-muscles-morphs:


This group is for those who love, admire, or share the same adoration for anyone, human only male drawn, photographed or drawn, painted, created that depicts a healthy normal muscular body.


Gallery Folders

Group Info

Our focus is on the healthy muscular form. We expect our artists to submit their very best artwork or photography and do our very best to share it with the community. We require our Members to be active artists. Watchers are especially welcome!

If you submit Anthro/Furry Art you will be automatically banned permanently!
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Mar 27, 2011


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