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Membership is currently suspended while I take a break from the group Have a nice day!


How to join:

1. Make male muscle art.
(I can't believe I have to define what "male" means but "male" means your men LOOK like men - rugged, handsome, sometimes hairy, but clearly male. No female looking men allowed here)
2. Have it available for us to review it in your gallery.
3. Request to join. - After we review your art and it meets our standards (just look in our galleries to see what meets our standards) we'll approve your request.
4. Submit your own artwork to the galleries or wait until Casey requests it (And he will request it trust me)

Otherwise just watch us instead. Thanks!


The Following items are what we DO NOT ACCEPT in this group. If you habitually submit these things we will kick you out. Entitlement and ignorance are not reasons for you to think you can bi-pass these rules. Furthermore It is not up to the administration to hold your hand at Deviant Art. That's your Mommy's job.


No Partial showing dicks with Public Hair. If we can see your character's dick then we won't show your "art" in our galleries.

*Implied, suggested, self-censored gay or straight sex images. NO PORNOGRAPHY!

*Demon or Demonic images of any kind

*Fatties, lardos, heavies images

*Ladies Muscles However, Ladies can appear in your art as long as a male muscle hunk is visibly the main character. The male muscle figure must be prominent.

*Artwork or Photography that is NOT YOUR OWN It concerns me some people think this is Tumblr and DA does nothing about it. If it's not your own it has no business being in this group.

*Hatred toward Religion, Race, Gender, Orientation.

And for some strange reason we have more problems with females from Norway so I'm gonna suggest if that's you, this group won't work for you. I'm not sure why females from Norway cause us so many issues.

Here's what we DO ACCEPT:

*MUSCULAR MEN - HUMAN OR ANTHRO That fit with the theme or style of all our galleries. Don't know what that is? Check out the galleries and see if your art would work in those galleries.

* We do accept kissing, hugging, cuddling and anything else PG-13.

If you cannot comply with our rules then this is not the group for you. We do not tolerate artists who believe they are above the rules. If we find you need to challenge our rules on a regular basis we will remove you and your artwork from the group and ban you permanently. Our hope is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone here at Big-Muscles Group.

*Note: We reserve the right to remove any artwork at any time without provocation that violates our rules and the TOS of Deviant Art. We will without hesitation report offenders to the Help Desk.

Kicked out and/or permanent ban:

If we kick you out you probably violated our terms. There is no need to discuss it further. Additionally, if you've been removed go ahead and stay gone. We'll remove your artwork for you and never ask for it again. Ever.

Permanent Bans occur because:

1. You have made it clear you want nothing to do with this group, the administration or members/genres of the group. You made your proverbial bed now lay in it.

2. You join the group. You submit a lot of art. You quit the group. Then you join the group. And so forth and so forth. Stay out.

3. You have no regard for our rules. You are told over and over again to follow them but you argue over them. Whatever.

4. You trolled and harassed a member.

5. You spammed the group with either viruses linked off site or some other attempt to lure members into dangerous situations. We don't support pedophile behavior nor do we support fake accounts, and hackers.



Big-Muscles Group is for artists, and watchers that share the same adoration for all Anthro or Human Male drawn, photographed or 3d, painted or sketched that depicts a strong muscular body. We appreciate the realm of the male model to the power-lifter to the bodybuilder to the ultimate powerful body.


Gallery Folders


Group Info

Our focus is on the healthy muscular form. We expect our artists to submit their very best artwork or photography and do our very best to share it with the community. We require our Members to be active artists. Watchers are especially welcome!
Founded 5 Years ago
Mar 27, 2011


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438 Members
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1. Name :

Er, can I decline on this? ^ ^;; Even though most of my art is technically clean, I still don't like my RL name here for business reasons, and prefer to just go by KC on this account. :iconkitelcat:

2a. What does your profile / account name mean?

Wow, I can barely remember. I was a cat person, and AOL disallowed most of my proposed handles so I was grasping at straws for anything they'd accept. I purposely added "EL" (from Spanish) since I concluded people would assume I was a girl otherwise. Some still did.

2. Occupation (outside of DA):
CPA, hence my spotty social interaction

3. Location:
Los Angeles

4. Years making muscle art:

I've only truly been focusing on it for about... a dozen years (since coming out), though I've dabbled in it since middle school. Ironically, prior to that I tried to be a technical/vehicular artist.

5. Schooling - formal - for art, if any:
Not much...I took a few grade-school level art classes here and there.

6. Your professional artist inspiration (mine is Boris Vallejo) :

Walt Disney Studios throughout the years has had the single biggest impact on my art, if that counts? I even had a Disney animator as a roommate for about three years, and I learned a ton from his work, professional and not.

7. What are your tools of the trade (wacom, Photoshop, number 5 pencil, etc.) :
I recently got a used Cintiq as a gift, and now I can't fathom using anything else. But five years ago I was 100% real media only (#2 Dixon Ticonderogas, Micron Pigmas, Prismacolor markers) and had sworn I would never change that. Viva le digital age.

8. What motivates you to make muscle artwork?

Hormones. Won't lie about it. I have memories of being like six years old, and fascinated by beefy characters from the Jolly Green Giant to Paul Bunyan to Fred (Scooby-Doo); basically I had gay crushes before I was old enough to know what muscles DID. Nonetheless, I severely repressed my orientation growing up, and the large geek population in school meant I had effectively zero interaction with any actual real-life muscly guys...til I was well into my 20's. With animated hunks as my only outlet, it wasn't long before I was making beefcakey fanart, and then other flimsy excuses to draw my own studs without fully admitting (even to myself) that I was gay. So now that I'm finally out and have learned I am actually allowed to draw exactly what I want, the floodgates have opened, and I have decades of repression to vent!

Frankly I'm thrilled to have found a muscle-related group here. This is the first time I've ever been among a lot of artists with a back-to-basics approach to JUST the beef. That may sound stupidly intuitive, but I (and most of my artist friends) had a comic/animation background, and I'm used to drawing my studs in context. It's liberating now to realize I can draw a hot guy, and I don't need an excuse to remove his shirt, and I don't have to draw out his full backstory, AND I don't even have to draw his whole body...and nobody minds!!! Seriously, having a daily feed of dozens of gorgeous guys has been massively inspiring, so many thanks to you and everyone participating here for that!

9. Is it a time consuming process?

Eh, the muscle art itself is a snap, especially since digital art is convenient. But I try to have standards of posting only completed/colored artwork--let's be real, that's often the only way to get people's full attention here--and that's the slow part. If I posted only b/w doodles, there'd be tons more stuff here.

10. What distracts you?

My job... and husband  And I actually have to admit, sometimes I get so caught up drawing a guy's body, that I balk at having to complete the pic by putting clothes or any other obstructions around him.

11. You have a lot of ticklish muscle artwork – how did you get interested and what inspired you to create it?

*Blush* I could put a psychologist's kids through college with that answer. The shortest way to sum it up is my pre-pubescent coping mechanism for repression: this was physical interaction with other guys that is arguably not NECESSARILY homoerotic--it's the most sensual thing I could do without outright admitting I was gay, and it distanced me from guys I was attracted to instead of forcing me to address my feelings. I'm honestly not hugely into BDSM, but I don't deny I like some D and S...

So, I already wanted massive guys hunking around without shirts on, and having them writhing in desperation was just icing on the cake. While I won't deny I feel a bit one-trick-pony at times with the tickling, it's still a theme that lends itself to unusual poses and angles and expressions. There's inherently a lot of tension and flexed muscles, so if nothing else, it's pretty flattering to the subject.

12. What is the most difficult aspect of your artwork?

Backgrounds. With comics I got used to ignoring backgrounds for years, but now that I'm drawing standalone art, I actually had to re-learn the process of planning background/settings first, THEN dropping characters in. I hate being slowed down like that, I wanna get to the hot mans!

13. Why Muscle? Why not landscapes, still life or kittens?

The job (and husband!) means I don't have a lot of drawing time, so when my schedule permits, I usually opt for instant gratification. When I'm bitchy because of job deadlines, I only draw what I like. If I had infinite drawing time, I'd definitely branch out more. My style has never lent itself well to realism, so even then I'd stick with what works in a toony 2D fashion.

14. What do you think the future holds for you - artistically, professionally, muscley?

Well, the job schedule isn't going to get any better, so I can't see the art output changing much. I have to admit I really really really want to do more non-tickling pics--though I simply have no idea WHAT to do with 'em. My brain freezes up when drawing pinups, as I work best with interaction.

I'm putting extra effort into more extreme muscle anatomy lately; strangely, I prefer RL guys who aren't HUGE-huge (ie "stripper" types) and my art typically reflects that, but I've lately been subconsciously massing my guys up by default... and I'm really liking it! I hope to push my boundaries even more. And honestly what I'd most like to learn to do is animation in Flash or whatever ya dang kids these days use. Not for a career, just for fun. But that's a LOT of time I'd have to set aside.So we'll see!

15. Do you have a Patreon site? If so, give us a link so we may advertise it for you.

Fraid not, but thanks for the thought!

Thank you for taking the time to share with all of us about you and your fantastic ticklish muscle art.

Note: We appreciate your comments. Please send thank you notes directly to this artist :iconkitelcat: as I know he would appreciate your accolades.
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