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How to join:

1. Make male muscle art.
2. Have it available for us to review it in your gallery.
3. Request to join. - After we review your art and it meets our standards (just look in our galleries to see what meets our standards) we'll approve your request.
4. Submit your own artwork to the galleries or wait until Casey requests it (And he will request it trust me)

Otherwise just watch us instead. Thanks!


Big-Muscles is a group for artists who draw, photograph, and might even have themselves - a muscular body. We appreciate the realm of the male model to the power-lifter to the bodybuilder.

Here's what we do not accept:

*Ladies Muscles
*Fatties, lardos, heavies images
*Demonic images of any kind
*Nudity - Front or Back. Keep your underwear on, Outlines are fine.
*Implied, suggested, self-censored gay or straight sex images. NO PORNOGRAPHY!

This group is for those who love, admire, or share the same adoration for anyone, Anthro or Human Male drawn, photographed or 3d, painted, created that depicts a healthy normal muscular body.


Group Info

Our focus is on the healthy muscular form. We expect our artists to submit their very best artwork or photography and do our very best to share it with the community. We require our Members to be active artists. Watchers are especially welcome!
Founded 4 Years ago
Mar 27, 2011


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365 Members
1,718 Watchers
386,431 Pageviews
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1. Name My name's Ronan Demiautte drawn under the pseudonym of leomon32.

2. Occupation (outside of DA):
Currently I'm jobless, I pass a degree more than one year ago and I'm still searching for a graphic designer job. Previously I worked for the airforce.

3. Location:
I live in the South West of France

3a. Describe your style: (mine is 3D)
My style ? Well I think you can say "anime" or maybe "guilty gear xrd" sprites xD

4. Years making muscle art:
Aaaaah a lot to be honest, since like 1995 or something ? Yeah I'm 35 by the way

5. Schooling - formal - for art, if any:
I have no studies in art at all, I even never took a real art classes.

6. Your professional artist inspiration (mine is Boris Vallejo)
I have to be honest, I don't have a pro artist as an inspiration, all my inspiration came from amator artist (well still pro I have to say), some are obscure Japanese artist, while others are Bo-Gilliam and Njay~
(Njay's here :… and Bo Gilliam is there : they have Deviant Art pages too ! & )

7. What are your tools of the trade (wacom, Photoshop, number 5 pencil, etc.)
I use a small Wacom Pen and Touch (I have a big one, but I can't handle it, I always use to draw on trains and all, so minimum was the best). I use Sai Painting and Photoshop for effects, assembling and so on.

8. What motivates you to make muscle artwork?
I always liked to do that, to be honest, drawing more average body type is difficult for me and everyone might notice that women is a no no for me (that's not sexist, I sucks at drawing them and there's lots of good artist around for that). I just like that like a hobby, true that one day I would love to have my character's physical appearance (keep on dreaming).

9. Is it a time consuming process?
When I draw something, I take generally 3 to 6 hours for one art, from the draft to the post. Yes it's time consuming, it will eat hours of your life, but it's fun seriously !

10. What distracts you?
Chiptunes, well more like Playstation 1 and Super Nintendo music, I have a bunch of plugins called Chiptunes for Winamp, it's good to listen to music directly from the code instead of an mp3. There's a lots of good theme that boost you a lot !

11. You have a lot of big muscle giant artwork – how did you get interested and what inspired you to create it?
I think the first time it was that book called Micromegas, then Gulliver's travels and then Paul Bunyan (and some Greek legends with the titans). I always have been fascinated by them, how they could act and react. I'm for good giants, I don't like the picture people have of bad giants naked stomping things ha ha ha.

12. What is difficult for you the draw?
Baaaaaaackgrounds and costumes when it's too complicated...I have some 3d references but let be honest, it gives you a stick figure and the perspective, you have to draw everything anyway !

13. Why Muscle? Why not landscapes, still life or kittens?
Again, I like that, in the past I had a game called Ko Century Beast for PC Engine CD and I was in love with the characters that were so so cute. Then, I dunno, I think Dragonball came and inspired me to draw muscles instead and boom. Oh I sucks at still life... and kittens too xD"

13a. Tell us about your O.C. Be as detailed as you want.
Bahn is a Japanese banchou, that's how they call school delinquent in Japan. At the beginning of the story, he killed his girlfriend by accident in a fight (She was from another gang and they end up fighting). He then found a palace that grant him the power to grow depending on love he gets bla bla bla. Well, he's quite a funny character, I wanted to make a dumb yet lovable character here, he loves noodles (his father own a tiny noodle shop) and he doesn't like people taller than him. He's also quite friendly, you can easily be his friend seriously it's a good guy but also an anti hero. He always act and then think about the consequences...

14. Do you offer commissions, trades or requests? If so, give us details so we may advertise you to the public.
For the moment, sadly no. The main reason is that since I'm searching for a job (and hope to have one quickly) I pass like 14 hours a day applying again and again and making websites, learning etc... So drawing is really just for fun. From time to time I do gift arts and trade, but only with close friends, because I know they understand the delay I can have with my current lifestyle.

15. What do you think the future holds for you - artistically, professionally?
It's pretty obscure right now, I have to say I might end being in an office doing some paper and no art at all. Jobs are big issues here, seriously !

Thank you for taking the time to share with all of us about you and your fantastic muscle art.

Note: We appreciate your comments. Please send thank you notes directly to this artist :iconleomon32: as I know he would appreciate your accolades.
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